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MISIA Successfully Performing First American Concert!

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MISIA Successfully Performing First American Concert!

MISIA / event

On March 25th, MISIA has been performing at the "National Cherry Blossom Festival", which had been held in Washington and once more spread the awareness about the disastrous destruction and still ongoing reconstruction after the Tohoku earthquake from last year.

The Washing "Cherry Blossom Festival" itself had been held first in 1912 and celebrated its 100th anniversary this year accordingly.

"I wanted to convey the feelings of Japan to everyone in America and while, as a Japanese, I did not want to make an embarrassing performance, I was very nervous at the thought of it. However, as everyone was able to reach out to these feelings of Japan, I was very moved by the occasion. I hope that this bond will connect to (a new) tomorrow and that recovery will be done as quickly as possible." MISIA Said with regard to he mission.

She performed a total on three songs, including her hit songs "Everything", "Ashita he" and "MAWARE MAWARE" and "Can't take my eye's off of you" in a medley.

Fans able to attend are certainly hoping and looking forward to the next performance of MISIA.

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