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MIYAVI Announced as Guest for KREVA Festival!

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MIYAVI Announced as Guest for KREVA Festival!

KREVA / release

On September 8th, artist KREVA will be holding his "908 Festival" - by Japanese reading "Ku (9) Rei (0) Ha (8)" = KREVA - and it has been announced that MIYAVI will be participating in it as a guest artist.

In the past MIYAVI and KREVA had been working together in various projects and released the collaboration single "STRONG" together. While the event is mainly focused on hip hop artists, it is to be expected what kind of show the Samurai guitarist is going to present!

Right before the festival, on September 5th, KREVA himself will be releasing his new single "Na Na Na", whereas AKLO and KEN THE 390, who will also be performing at the festival, have been participating in the production of the record's coupling songs.

"908 Festival"
Date: 2012/09/08 (Sat)
Venue: Saitama Super Arena
OPEN 16:00 / START 17:00
Tickets: 1F Standing / 2F Seated 6,500 Yen (tax in)

[Line Up] KREVA / AKLO / ANARCHY / LB(LB&Otowa) / L-VOKAL / MCU / KLOOZ / KEN THE 390 / SONOMI / DABO / HI-SO / Mummy-D (RHYMESTER) / -MIYAVI- / LITTLE and more!

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