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BENI Samples Masterpiece for New Song

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BENI Samples Masterpiece for New Song

release / BENI

The singer BENI has been on tour since releasing her new album 'Better & Sweet' in September. The last concert was held at Akasaka BLITZ on December 15th. For 2009 BENI participated in 120 live events all around Japan. Her performance has been well-loved and well-praised, and all tickets sold out well before the concert. The venue was packed with excited fans.

During the encore she announced "Here's a new song!" The first single for 2010 'サイン / Sign' will be released on January 20th. The new track incorporates the piano phrase of Matsutoya Yumi's famous song '春よ、来い / Haru-yo, Koi'. The beautiful mid-paced ballad is accompanied by moving lyrics that express the sorrowful feelings of a couple out of sync.

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