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Kamen Joshi announces new trainee group SURIJIE

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Kamen Joshi announces new trainee group SURIJIE

Kamen Joshi

Akihabara's masked idols Kamen Joshi have announced the formation of several new trainee groups under the new SURIJIE unit (stylized after "cerisier", the French word for "cherry blossom").

On November 10th, the applicants gathered at the P.A.R.M.S. Theater in Akihabara to face the verdict of the judges, with the results broadcast live on the SBS television program "YOEOROSUN -Tokoton Otazune Mousu-".

SURIJIE's three Tokyo trainee groups with a total of 18 members were announced, and an additional two groups with 9 members were chosen from the Kansai area.
The Moon, Star, Cosmos, Heaven, and Cloud groups will all begin rehearsals immediately in preparation for their December 10th debut, where they will perform material created by YANAGIMAN (FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, Full Metal Alchemist) and wear costumes designed by Harajuku's PINK latte brand.

SURIJIE ("Cerisier")
Center: Ako Yamamoto (14)
Leader: Aoi Nakamaru (21)

SURIJIE - Tsukigumi (Moon Group)
Leader: Aoi Nakamaru (21)
Members: Ako Yamamoto (14), Chari Suzuki (21), Tsunagi Toshikawa (21), Maki Hideaki (19), Kiho Kisaki (14)

SURIJIE - Hoshigumi (Star Group)
Leader: Shigoro Morisaki (22)
Members: Momoka Aoba (22), Sugata Kanno (18), Miho Kanzaki (18), Rin Natsono (11), Kasumi Maka (21)

SURIJIE - Soragumi (Cosmos Group)
Leader: Umi Asamina (22)
Members: Azusa Yoshii (18), Sayuri Ishihara (16), Yura Nagasawa (12), Hoshi Shigetsuki (25) Saya Himeno (17)

SURIJIE West - Tengumi (Heaven Group)
Leader: Jyuri Sakura (23)
Members: Umi Yoshida (18), Kuri Okayama (18), Anzu Shida (17)

SURIJIE West - Kumo (Cloud Group)
Leader: Ami Komatsu (21)
Members: Rin Amakusa (16), Hana Kirishima (20), Kana Kanna (15), Tami Anzai (21)

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