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[COLUMN] BUCK-TICK Imai Hisashi, first child born!

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[COLUMN] BUCK-TICK Imai Hisashi, first child born!

BUCK-TICK / column

BUCK-TICK's guitarist Imai Hisashi has announced of the birth of his first child in his blog.

"I have an announcement", a blog entry with a title like this. What kind of announcement? I opened the blog curiously, and saw, "August Xth, my family has increased. So yeah, my first child was born." I was surprised at this post, but at the same time I was able to receive some of his happiness from this announcement.

I wonder what kind of child is (s)he? He wrote to his blog, that "I thought I would write a lot about this, but I can't find any words. Nothing (laugh) If I would be writing about nattou, I could keep going on and on", so he has not written any details, but I believe Imai is very happy at the moment too.

On the other hand, BUCK-TICK's performance for "Kishidanbanpaku" and "Nakatsugawa THE SOLAR BUDOKAN 2013" has been decided! Please go see the stage of the band that keeps on shining even after their 25th anniversary!