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[music] X Takes Tokyo Dome with SUGIZO

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[music] X Takes Tokyo Dome with SUGIZO


"All problems have been resolved, and we must have an excellent concert," declared YOSHIKI, alleviating all the worries of the fans with one glorious announcement. All five members of X JAPAN: YOSHIKI, TOSHI, HIDE, PATA and HEATH will be there, with support member SUGIZO, will be at Tokyo Dome this weekend.

HEATH released an official statement regarding the troubles that seemed to predict his secession from the group in January.

"After our performances in Hong Kong, I began to wonder how I should live as an artist, how I should be proceeding if I wanted to make progress. I got lost in my anxiety, and I cut of all communication with everyone. I was out of contact with my management, neglected my schedule and preparation, and became a hindrance to the other members of X JAPAN.

"I later spoke with YOSHIKI again, and he reminded me how valuable I was as the bassist of X JAPAN. I realized that if the other members, and you, our fans, could forgive me, I wanted to be the bassist of X JAPAN once again. When I expressed my feelings to the other members, they warmly reaccepted me.

"I'll do my best this month at Tokyo Dome. To all our fans, to the members of X JAPAN, and all other related persons, I humbly apologize from my heart for being such an inconvenience to you."

HEATH will be there. SUGIZO will be there. Will you?