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Peace & Smile Carnival 2009 DVD In April

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Peace & Smile Carnival 2009 DVD In April

PS COMPANY / GazettE, the / SuG / SCREW / MIYAVI / Kagrra, / Kra / A9

All 13,000 tickets to this legendary show held in the round at Tokyo's Nippon Budoukan sold out in a mere three minutes on the date of release. Flooded with requests from people both inside and outside Japan, this event that was a great success among both Japanese and foreign fans cannot go unnoticed, even though it has gone by. This magical show that featured all seven of PS COMPANY's artists, lasting over 5 hours, will soon be released on DVD!

The show that brought over 13,000 people into Nippon Budoukan, including more than 2,000 foreign fans, received attention not just from die-hard fans, whose visits to both PC and mobile sites regarding the event exceeded 220,000 hits; more than 200 media companies, from magazines to radio programs to websites to newspapers to television programs and beyond, were in attendance in some way, shape or form on January 3rd, 2009. Indeed this event gained worldwide acclaim, and quite rightfully so.

The DVD will reach stores on April 15th, 2009. Don't miss the official book, "PEACE & SMILE HISTORY 1998-2008" that goes on sale January 23rd, either!

Be sure to keep watching this space for more news on upcoming releases and show dates from your favourite artists of PS COMPANY!