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VAMPS' HALLOWEEN Event Successfully Finished!

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VAMPS' HALLOWEEN Event Successfully Finished!

S/mileage / BREAKERZ / Acid Black Cherry / VAMPS

In October this year again, VAMPS had been presenting their "「HELLOWEEN PARTY 2010" and next to VAMPS themselves, Acid Black Cherry, BREAKERZ, SCANDAL and S/mileage had been performing. With this mix of rock bands and idol groups, the event has certainly caused great excitement in an outstanding way.

On October 30th, S/mileage have been performing, in different Halloween costumes, with Ogawa Saki as the "pumpkin fairy", Maeda Yuka as a vampire, Wada Ayaka as a witch and Fukuda Kanon in a short plain white dress, while all of them wore really short skirts.

Moreover, on the last day of the event on October 31st, HYDE presented the song "GLAMOROUS SKY"in with his special session band, finishing of another premium event of this year.

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