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Oguri Shun Being the "Anti-Hero" Alex

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Oguri Shun Being the "Anti-Hero" Alex

theater / Oguri Shun

In January 2011 actor Oguri Shun will be taking over the main role in the theater performance of "A Clock Work Orange". The movie directed by Stanley Kubrick, which is based on the novel with the same title has been made it into a stage play and will be performed in Japan for the very first time.

The theme of the story is violence in many aspects and Oguri Shun will be playing the role of "Anti-Hero" Alex.
"I would like to create a new perspective as compared to the movie", the actor said.

The novel had been published first in 1962 by Anthony Burgess and became an immortally shocking work. The author also wrote the stage play on the story set in a near future England depicting a social satire on violence.

According to the company Horipro, who took over the making of the stage play, there had been plans for a theatrical performance in Japan a long time already, yet it wasn't possible to realize due to the lack of a suitable actor playing the violent role of Alex.

"I had first seen the movie in middle school and was shocked", Oguri said. "To eventually play this myself really surprised me at first."

The Japanese version will also feature a number of video scenes and music, whereas this will also be the first presentation of Oguri Shun to sing on stage. It seems the stage play, which is the first in ten month for Oguri since his role in "Musashi", will be a real rampage as such.

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