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THE SIXTH LIE "Hibana" shined with 2,000 people!!

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THE SIXTH LIE "Hibana" shined with 2,000 people!!


The Japanese four-member electro rock band "THE SIXTH LIE", who sang the theme song for the anime series "Golden Kamui" last year, performed a live on the stage of JAPAN EXPO 2019 (PARIS) on July 4 (Thu) and 5 (Fri).

Fans rushed to the performance on the TSUBAME stage and the KARASU stage reached 2,000 people in two days. At the KARASU stage, the audience responded with a loud cheer to Arata (Vo)'s "What's Up Paris !?"

The first song, "SINGularity" started, and the venue was a sense of unity by the swaying jumps. The audience choreographed at the high point of the 4th song Hibana (TV anime "Golden Kamui" 1st season ED theme). In the instrumental part after the sixth song, there was a scene where Reiji (Gt) took the microphone and got down to the floor to boost the audience. A loud roar came when an announcement was made with the intro of "Endless Night" saying "It's the last song." At the end of the song, the audience reached a peak of unity by the simultaneous jump. The stage performance ended with great success.

"Are you experiencing such exciting show?" Said Ryusei (Ba), the new member who joined last year and this is his first show in Paris, talked to the members in surprise.

For a question from the local reporter, "What do you think of your success in young days?" answered "We are still new in Japan, we will do more and more efforts." also said "Some day, We want to play on a global stage."

Since it was decided to sing the opening theme song of the TV anime "Toaru Kagakuno Accelerator", which will start broadcasting from 1:05 JST (Sat), July 13, 2019, 2019 is likely to be an enormous breakthrough for them.

We look forward to the THE SIXTH LIE, which grew larger in 2020 next year!

2.Go on
3.Fall in the sky
5.Phone Call
6.Oh No[Bring Me The Horizon cover]
7.In This Mirror
8.Wake Up Your Fire
9.Endless Night

2.Go on
4.Wake Up your Fire
5.Endless Night

"Shadow is the Light"
Release Date:August 21, 2019
Number of Discs: 2

[First-press limited anime edition] CD+DVD / 1,800Yen+Tax(GNCA-0595)
* Original・Yamaji Akira teacher drawn jacket illustrations

Anime edition DVD contents
・TVanime「Toaru Kagakuno Accelerator」Non-credit opening video.
・New MV (Anime scene used)
・"Shadow is the Light" MV (Artist video) short VER.

[Normal Edition] CD / 1,200Yen+Tax(GNCA-0596)

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