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DECAYS unveils cover photo for 1st mini album "Red or Maryam"!

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DECAYS unveils cover photo for 1st mini album "Red or Maryam"!

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DECAYS, a unit by Die from DIR EN GREY and Kei Kashiyama from MOON CHILD, releases its first mini album "Red or Maryan" on December 16.

Surprisingly, DECAYS releases their first musical work "Red or Maryam" in limited number of USB flash drives. The specially designed USB flash drive contains not only all the seven high-resolution songs and MP3 audios but also a music video for "Secret mode", which is available on iTunes Store, and live concert videos and behind-the-scene photos from "DECAYS presents "THE GROWTH TO DECAY"" that they hosted at Akasaka BLITZ on July 28. Though these will be released in a flash drive, you can pre-order and purchase at CD shops just like normal albums.

The cover picture was designed with Die as a supervisor. Regarding the design, he told "It's a chic and black-and-white world. I want the listeners of "Red or Maryam" to color in with their own images."

They have also announced in-store events for those who purchased "Red or Maryam" in Tokyo and Osaka. Die and Kei Kashiyama will give talks and handshake event. In addition, after releasing "Red or Maryam", they are going to give a one-man live concert, which is titled after the mini album. Be sure to check them!

■Release Information
1st MINI ALBUM "Red or Maryam"
2015.12.16 RELEASE

【Limited Edition】 USB memory FWR-080 ¥8,000+tax

High-Resolution Audio (48kHz/24bit WAV)+MP3 (320kbps)
01. Secret mode (Red or Maryam ver)
02. 愛と哀を遺さず... / Ai to Ai wo nokosazu...
03. Dry
04. Red tide
06. ラナ ~from Future Boy~ / Rana ~from Future Boy~
07. beautiful

-Music Clip-
Secret mode

-Live Footage-
2015.07.28 AKASAKA BLITZ
02. beautiful

2015.07.28 AKASAKA BLITZ Offshot Photo Data
12 Photo Cards

Manufactured & Distributed by FWD Inc.

■Event Information
1st MINI ALBUM "Red or Maryam" (2015.12.16 RELEASE)
Purchaser only event Talk & Handshake meeting

【2015.12.16 TOWER RECORDS Shinjuku】
[Venue] TOWER RECORDS Shinjuku 7F Event space
[Time ] 19:00 START
[Content] Talk & Handshake meeting
※Participating members: Die, Kashiyama Kei

【2015.12.20 TOWER RECORDS Namba】
[Venue] TOWER RECORDS Namba 5F Event space
[Time ] 14:00 START
[Content] Talk & Handshake meeting
※Participating members: Die, Kashiyama Kei

■Live Information
ONEMAN LIVE "Red or Maryam"
2015.12.21 OSAKA MUSE
[OPEN / START] 18:00 / 19:00
[TICKET] ¥5,400 (tax in)

2015.12.24 Shinjuku BLAZE
[OPEN / START] 18:00 / 19:00
[TICKET] ¥5,400 (tax in)

■Event Information
"rockin'on presents COUNTDOWN JAPAN 15/16"
2015.12.30 Makuhari messe Kokusai tenjijou 1~11 Hall, Event Hall
[OPEN / START] 10:30 / 12:00 (20:30 End) ※Plan

"Tokyo Chaos 2015"
2015.12.31 Kokuritsu Yoyogi kyougijou Dai-ni Taiikukan
[OPEN / START] 14:00 / 14:30 (26:30 End) ※Plan

DECAYS Official web site