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SuG to release new DVD "VersuS"

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SuG to release new DVD "VersuS"

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SuG has announced that they will be releasing a live DVD & Blu-ray of their 2-days concept live "VersuS -Gokuaku SuG vs Gokusai SuG" held at Maihama Amphi Theater on 4th and 5th October 2014. During the 2-days event SuG held a competition with the bright SuG and dark SuG where they measured the desibels of fans voices during each day. The live of the winner would then be made to a DVD. SuG's dark alter-ego "Gokuaku SuG" won the competition and so their live will be released as DVD on 2015/01/28!

But that isn't all! If you wish to see Gokusai SuG's performance too, you still have a chance. A limited edition will be released with both of the performances included in it. However the DVD will be limited to only 551 copies (the total amount of desibels measured during Gokusai SuG's live) and sold through Pony Canyon Shopping Club. The reservations have started on 24th November and will end when all of the copies have been reserved.

Release date: 2015/01/28
Price: DVD 4,000 yen + tax / Blu-ray 5,000 yen + tax
※ 2014/10/04 "VersuS -Gokuaku SuG-" live included
※ Blu-ray will include special video material and explanation by SuG members

VersuS -Gokuaku SuG VS Gokusai SuG-
Release date: 2015/01/28
Price: 10,000 yen + tax
※ Only sold through Pony Canyon Shopping Club and limited to 551 copies
※ Includes both concerts of the 2-days event
※ Only available as blu-ray
※ Includes a photo book

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