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[blog] Saga-sama Friends with Teddy Bears

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[blog] Saga-sama Friends with Teddy Bears


ALICE NINE. is currently filming the music video for their new song ‘華 / Hana'. The bassist Saga posted a charming comment in his blog!

“We're filming the music video right now.
When filming you need lots of grit.
And never forget your roots!
Since it's the middle of the night I might be getting high. I played with my teddy bear.”

Would the teddy bear be fawning over Saga-sama too?

After the release of their new single the band will be changing the way their name is written!
This year marks their 5th anniversary, and it will be interesting to know what they're planning on doing next!

At the beginning of this special year Saga-sama said his personal goal for 2009 was this!