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[Review] Rose Noire - Neo Renaissance -2nd movement-

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[Review] Rose Noire - Neo Renaissance -2nd movement-

Rose Noire / review

As a continuation of the -1st movement-, "Prologue -Broken Silence-" meant to be second half of the last track in previous release "Epilogue -Silent Guardian-"; with the similar semiopera music consisting spoken words and instrumental voice and violin. Yet, the following songs are completely different with last works.

This time while still keeping their classical-meets-modern root, the songs are more heavier, and darker, as if most of the works were done at and set for midnights. Beside the wild violins they put heavy bass and minor and/or low vocal notes - sometimes fierceful. In "Castle" which includes guitar riffs and "Destiny" where the bangs of piano keys were added, one may find them more like rock music than gothic pieces. Various musical instrument sounds can also be heard from "Bones", sung in story telling way as well as "Queen of the Night", that again input details of electronic tunes within classical, earlier age's plot. "Spell" could be a notable track where the duo presents a combination of what they have, both vocal and violin reach the high and low tones, giving an up and down mood swing. As a final, the upbeat song "Hades" gives the high feeling that makes the listeners want to jump around.

It seems that Rose Noire are experimenting, exploring every possibilities to be added to their music that most of the songs consist of wide varitey of musical elements. Particularly, this second part of Neo Renaissance series brings up that style where the violin stands out singing in a duet with minor vocals... It sounds different with the other kinds but probably that's what makes their style called "Rose Noire's music".

Rose Noire's 3rd mini album [Neo Renaissance -2nd movement-]
Release Date: 2012/12/12
Price: 2,100 Yen (tax in)

By: Hacchan

Note: This review reflects the opinion of the author and not necessarily the opinion of the editor