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Want A Holiday Card From BREAKERZ?

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Want A Holiday Card From BREAKERZ?


You could earn one, but you're going to have to work for it!

Their first album, "BIG BANG!", hits stores November 26th, and will be available as four different versions. A type includes a DVD with live footage, B type includes a DVD of music videos, C type includes an 80 page photo booklet, and there is a regular pressing of just the album with no special extras.

To those fans who purchased both A and B types of their 3rd single, as well as one of the limited releasing of the new album, a special offer can be taken advantage of by returning slips of paper that were included with each release. A hundred people will be chosen at random and awarded an album of trading cards that features BREAKERZ.

Still more, for those who purchase all three versions of the new album, they will be rewarded with a handwritten holiday card from the band provided they return their application information before December 17th. Each album costs about US$39... are you going to be one of the lucky recipients of a special card this winter?