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girugamesh to Participate in American Anime Festival!

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girugamesh to Participate in American Anime Festival!

tour / girugamesh

Today, on February 5th, girugamesh had been holding their triumphant live in their home prefecture Chiba making it a great success. From March they will then head right into their "World Tour", which had been announced previously.
While at first only dates in Europe had been scheduled, a performance in the US has now been added to their plan.
The four-piece rock band will be playing at the "Anime Boston 2011" festival in April. After returning to Japan they will then head out onto their next Japan tour, which starts in June. The finale will be held at Zepp Tokyo.

Where ever you are going see them, we hope you have a lot of fun and get to enjoy their unique live atmosphere.

However, we'd like you not to forget about "girugamesh TV" either and tune in on MJP TV on February 24th! We are counting on you!

girugamesh WOLRD TOUR 2011 "Here we go!!"
03.05 Tochka / Moscow, Russia
03.06 GlavClub / St.Petersburg, Russia
03.08 Nosturi / Helsinki, Finland
03.11 Columbia Club / Berlin, Germany SOLD OUT!
03.12 Diesel / Budapest, Hungary
03.13 Backstage / Munich, Germany
03.15 La Laiterie / Strassbourg, France
03.16 Le Trabendo / Paris, France
03.18 O2 Acedemy Islington / London, UK
03.19 Zeche / Bochum, Germany SOLD OUT!

04.22 Anime Boston 2011 / Boston, USA

06.04 Hiroshima Namiki Junction
06.06 Nagoya Electric Lady Land
06.08 Osaka umeda AKASO
06.10 Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
06.18 Sendai Darwin

6.26 Zepp Tokyo

NEWS FLASH! "girugamesh TV" Live Program Scheduled for February 24th!!
Special Features Photo Book - November , 2010