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Done as Promised: SuG Held "Hug-Festival"!

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Done as Promised: SuG Held "Hug-Festival"!

event / SuG

At the end of last year, on the stage of SHIBUYA-AX Takeru had announced a very stunning manifest related to their latest single release "Crazy Bunny Coaster" from January 12th. He promised to hold a very special event on the following terms:

Chart Position of "Crazy Bunny Coaster":
Rank 5: Pair-shot with the band members
Rank 3: A hug from the band members
Rank 1: A kiss on the cheeks from the members

This is certainly a project very much like SuG to call out for the love of the fans like that and according to the charts, everyone was probably curious as to what kind of event it was going to be.

Eventually, within the ORICON weekly charts, "Crazy Bunny Coaster" entered at position No.3, which is certainly one of SuG's biggest as of now!

Accordingly, SuG granted a hug from them to their fans on January 19th! Receiving a hug from the members had many of the 5,000 fans in tears of excitement and it was certainly a day full of gratitude.

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Who would you have liked to get a hug from?