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Tamaki Hiroshi Likes Concise Emails

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Tamaki Hiroshi Likes Concise Emails

BREAKERZ / Tamaki Hiroshi

In Tokyo a press conference was held to present the new '2009 winter models' of NEC cell-phones. Actor Tamaki Hiroshi and model RINA, who both appear in the TV commercials, attended the event.
During the conference Tamaki tried out a new feature included in the cell-phone that measures the user's communication skills. The cell-phone, which played the part of a woman, suddenly asked Tamaki out (on a date). He declined the offer, saying that the invitation was 'a bit too sudden'. Then the 'woman' persisted and made another offer; this time 'she' asked Tamaki if he were interested in seeing a theater production, for which 'she' had extra tickets. Tamaki replied "Sorry, I'm not particularly fond of theater." He continued to answer bluntly, and that caused the lights on the 'woman' cell-phone to turn blue. That signaled that the 'woman' was put off by him.

Tamaki revealed that he uses emails mostly for business. "I usually answer emails the same way. Most of the emails have to do with my job. I prefer to do things at my own pace, and I don't go out of my way to make contact with other people." RINA chided him. "But you should at least use more emoticons." He smiled shyly and replied "I'll be careful."

Tamaki told reporters that he often uses his cell-phone as a camera. He talked about how he had taken a photo during a recent trip to Europe. He said he had sent the picture to [rock singer] DAIGO in Japan. While generally indifferent about emails, he showed that he places a premium on friendships!

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