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Review: Jupiter - Nostalgie

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Review: Jupiter - Nostalgie

review / Jupiter

Jupiter - Nostalgie

Jupiters's song Nostalgie starts with nostalgic tunes as expected. The sound is very unique and when listening to the first notes you will already recognize Jupiters style even though Zin has not even already started singing.

After the first minute with just beautiful instrumental, Zin's soft and deep voice drags the audience deeper in the nostalgic emotions already created by the other members before.

The clip most of the time shows the members drained in shadow and light while creating another beautiful melody together.
Both HIZAKI and TERU delight the fans with beautiful and rather soft guitar soli while Masashis Bass creates a more darker
and nostalgic feeling. The drums are leading the way for the melody to develop - supporting ZINs voice as always of course.

Though this time his voice is not the main - this time the focus lays on creating a heartwarming melody by melting voice and sound together to become one.
And as expected from Jupiter they created another masterpiece with this beautiful lyric and melody.

What do you think?
As for me, I fell in love with this song instantly!

Text: YaYa