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CD Review: Crimson Shiva "Demon's Garden"

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CD Review: Crimson Shiva "Demon's Garden"

review / Crimson Shiva

This time we would like to talk about Crimson Shivas' Demon's Garden, which has been released on August 14th of this year.
First of all the single consist of two songs titled "Demons Garden" and "Freaks" and also contains a DVD showing the PV to their main song "Demon's Garden".

Let us start with the first song - it starts with rather slow music box sounds until the hard and fast riffs of the guitar and the loud drums as well as deep growls start to drag the fans into a darker world. Thus the vocalist seems to be eager to present his vocals throughout the song while delighting fans with beautiful and melodious parts, the deep growls and screams prevail and it is obvious that there are more aggressive emotions staying untold while the beautiful and pure emotions are expressed more or less clearly.
We don't want to talk too much about the clip because we think that you should watch it yourself! You will be able to see the bands great new outfits and also you will be able to imagine how their performances are - so watch and enjoy!

"Freaks" starts off a bit wilder from the very beginning dragging fans a bit deeper into the world with the deep vocals and the electronic sounds of the guitar. This time the Bands vocalist seems to emphasize emotions via his voice even more and enthralls the listener with his beautiful and unique voice - but of course the other instruments are not to be forgotten! Without the hard and loud guitar riffs and the great use of the synthesizer this music wouldn't be able to support the vocals the way they do.
Only with the combination of all these details Crimson Shiva was able to create such an amazing and fascinating single!

Please make sure to listen to the CD and let us know what you think about it!!

Crimson Shiva "Demon's Garden"
Release Date: 2013/08/14
CD & DVD Version

Text: YaYa