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The revival of "LUNA SEA" one-night stand 

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The revival of "LUNA SEA" one-night stand 


The Popular rock band "LUNA SEA" which disbanded December of 2000, will perform their revival live for one-night in Tokyo Dome on December 24th. The five members will gather on the stage of Tokyo Dome, the same way they gathered for their last show seven years ago. The legend of the five members who represent Visual-Kei's existance, lives on.

It has been seven years since they said farewell and suddenly disappeared from the Japanese music scene. For one night only, the legendary rock band LUNA SEA will perform once again.

The Revival Live is scheduled for Christmas Eve of this year. It will be held in Tokyo Dome, the last place they performed live on the 26th and 27th of December 2000.  The title for the show is "GOD BLESS YOU - One Night Dejavu."
Since they performed on the same stage around the same period of time, before they said goodbye, they decided to name this revival "deja vu" (which is "paramnesia" in French). According to those in charge, they will play many of their hit songs. It is said that this may be the last chance to see the legendary LUNA SEA for one night only.

LUNA SEA started in 1989 with five members: RYUICHI on vocals, SUGIZO and INORAN on guitar, J on the bass and Shinya on the drums.  Many of their albums sold millions of copies, granting them huge fame and success, making them a big influence on the rock scene as the pioneers of Visual-Kei.