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Amuro Namie releases new one-cut MV

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Amuro Namie releases new one-cut MV

music video / Amuro Namie

Amuro Namie will be releasing her new album "_genic" on June 10th. The album will include a total of 5 music videos, of which one was released on YouTube.

The music video released on YouTube now is the one for song titled "Birthday", which is Amuro Namie's first birthday themed song. The music video is not just cute - it's the result of hard training and calculated movements of the whole staff, as it was filmed in one go without any cuts. Before the actual shooting, Amuro Namie went through many rehearsals with her dancers, cast and other staff to make sure that they take it in one go. As a result of their serious rehearsing they were able to film the music video not just in one go, but with one take!

Check out the music video below.

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