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ViViD Collaborating with "SPECIAL FORCE"

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ViViD Collaborating with "SPECIAL FORCE"

ViViD / Game / release

It has been announced that ViViD are doing a collaboration with online community site "hangame" and specifically with the action shooter "SPECIAL FORCE".

On July 13th they will be releasing their new single "BLUE" and the coupling song "CRISIS" is being used for the game. Also, with a special code coming with the single itself, a special web page can be accessed. There, players can obtain weapons, which have been designed by the members, whereas these weapons vary according to the versions of the CD bought.

Moreover, as spray to write "ViViD" on the walls of the game is also available as an item. Details can of course be found on the official homepage of the game.

ViViD x SPECIAL FORCE Special Site

A special video clip is also available, so check it out!

Single "BLUE"
Release Date: 2011/07/13
[First Press Limited Edition A] ESCL-3715 / 1,890 Yen (tax in)
[First Press Limited Edition B] ESCL-3717 / 1,890 Yen (tax in)
[Special Bonus Track Edition] ESCL-3719 / 1,260 Yen (tax in)

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