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the GazettE at SUMMER SONIC 2011

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the GazettE at SUMMER SONIC 2011

GazettE, the / X JAPAN / event

With X JAPAN a real high-light has already been announced for this years summer festival of all summer festivals in Japan - the SUMMER SONIC.
And just like it is the first participation of X JAPAN to stand up on the stage, another Visual-kei band will be taking part at the out-door event this year.

Just recently it has been announced that the GazettE will also be participating in this year's SUMMER SONIC, which is scheduled for August 13th and 14th in Tokyo and Osaka. For them it is the first participation in an out door festival and in SUMMER SONIC especially, apart from their "BURST INTO A BLAZE" events and they will be exposed to a wide range of music fans - making it at an even more exciting event for band and fans alike.

It is certain that even more artists will be announced in the futures, so stay tuned to the next announcements.

Tickets are currently available at e-plus.

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