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girugamesh Releasing Charity Song "pray"

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girugamesh Releasing Charity Song "pray"

girugamesh / release / Earthquake Info

girugamesh have just been releasing their charity song "pray" in accordance with the event surrounding the devastating Tohoku Earthquake.
This time there is an English and a Japanese version of the song, and the profits of the sales will be donated to the "JACK IN THE BOX Donation Project" for the relief efforts in the areas hit hardest by the disaster.

The distribution of the song has started on April 6th via "ARTIST DELI" and while the English version is still in preparation, it will also be released as soon as it is ready. The song is also scheduled to be released on other download sites as well and details will be announced on the official homepage as well.

"Dear fans,
During the day of the Tohoku Earthquake, we have been right in the middle of our European tour.
It was a tour done amidst uncertainty, but we have received a lot of supportive messages and love from the fans, which encouraged us.
With that in mind, we returned to Japan where the lyrics about only being able to pray found its way into the lyrics, as we faced the situation in Japan with our own eyes.
We thou8ght about what we could do ourselves. What we could do as musicians...and it eventually took shape in 'pray'. The lyrics hold the meaning of those 'prayers' in Europe and the 'hopes' since we returned.

We hope for just one more person possible.
We hope for just one more person possible to know about this.

It is a song with that kind of feeling.
Let's join hands, become one and give our best.
Pray for Japan!


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