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TAIJI Directs Music for a Film!!

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TAIJI Directs Music for a Film!!

TAIJI / Dynamite Tommy

TAIJI, the former Bassist of X, will work as a music director for the film ‘Attitude' directed by Dynamite Tommy, the former vocalist of COLOR. In this film, Nakano Shigeru from Anarchy, BY-SEXUAL, Angee, ARB and Endo Michiro appear as themselves. They are rock artists who lead the rock scene from the 70's thru the 90's. Tommy commented, “Bands appear as themselves, and the scenario combines both fiction and non fiction. We will be confused with the real and unreal world.”
After X, Taiji has been working with Cloudnine. Taiji responded, “This is the first experience for me, but I'm so excited about it. How can I express the actors and actresses' feelings through the music. I'll do my best as a music director.”
The film will be released on July 19th.