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!Weekly Announcement!

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!Weekly Announcement!

musicJAPANplus webzine staff / AN CAFE / machine / Kagrra, / PENICILLIN / X JAPAN

What's coming up next week on musicJAPANplus?

Mon. Apr.
14 th
articles+Lori's Tokyo Diary DAY 4
What happened on her 4 th day in Tokyo??
contests+ !The second term of WEEKLY drawing!
Instead of monthly drawings musicJAPANplus is featuring weekly drawings.
*Let's Get Passes for FanimeCon in!!*
MJP will give you five full-weekend FanimeCon badges to its readers. One pass is a special pass granting access to backstage at the concert!! We will release one badge each week. If you check back every week, you could have 5 chances to win the passes!!
Tue. Apr.
15 th
Special Features+Live Report; kagrra,
Those who can't wait that long...Check kagrra, in the "Press Notes".
Wed. Apr.
16 th
ranking+Check out who will top the Japanese charts next week!!
articles+!Dr. HAKUEI VIDEO!
Dr. HAKUEI is now helping to solve your problems by VIDEO! The first Visual-kei artist written advice column has been moved to VIDEO! Please send your questions via e-mail!!!

Mail to Dr. HAKUEI

articles+ 'Dr. HAKUEI'
Thu. Apr.
17 th
articles+Press Notes
The press diary of this week by the musicJAPANplus writers who went to the machine show and the X JAPAN's 3 days concert!!
Fri. Apr.
18 th
Special Features+Live Report; machine

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