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Comments for the hide memorial summit from the Artists!!

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Comments for the hide memorial summit from the Artists!!

hide / X JAPAN

[T.M.Revolution Nishikawa Takanori]
 I'm going to perform in the hide memorial summit. 10 years ago we had each radio program on that same day at Nippon Hoso ANN, I'm always impressed by hide's music and his modest attitude to his fans and his staff. I want to express that feeling in the event.

First of all, thank you. It's great that so many people can gather and have a party for hide. No matter if there's life on earth or not, living things are living. We realized RIZE should perform in the way RIZE can, after we covered ‘Pink Spider'. Thanks for reminded us of the feeling that we had when we debuted.

[Maximum the Hormone]
We read ‘無敵/Muteki (invincibility)' as ‘Ecstasy'. We read ‘脂身/Aburami (fatty meat) as ‘Hormone'. And we read ‘浅田飴/Asada Ame (Asada candy)' as ‘Ei Rokusuke'. We haven't performed as long as other artists, but we gain much more body fat than others. Say anything to such body fat.

[hurdy gurdy]
It's a great pleasure to participate in such a great event. I will be nervous if I imagine hide looking down at us from heaven. And it's a stadium!! But it's OK. I will simply sing ‘a song with love' as best I can. I'll enjoy this!! --- Kimura Seizi (hurdy gurdy/ex.ZEPPET STORE)

We decided to unseal succession of our activity because of this event. We want to convey our feelings on behalf of the fans of hide from a big stage. We will appear at the Aji no Moto Stadium to make the event even more gorgeous.

We will gather for our father. We will perform with our whole bodies and soul for this miracle.

We are a little puzzled with the wonder of time. Hide's music and glorious existence really encouraged us 10 years ago. Through hide, we aimed our music and these 10 years are our way to come here today. We can peep at the depth of hide's music as we know more about music now. Now, hide gives us even more. I lost my older brother last year. I will sing for the two, my brother and hide.
We will stand on a stage with your soul in our mind on thar day at that place. We will bring our sound to you no matter how high the heavens are. To the god of rock and to his descendant, we wish the greatest happiness. We are enjoying ROCK today!!

With dearest gratitude and respect…

[Dir en grey]
It's our great honor to stand on the same stage with the other performers. We will stand on the stage to break everything in his memory.

I hope we can give the best performance where hide can say, “MUCC is Cool!”. It's our pleasure to participate in such a rock and great event with the masters. We'll do everything! I want to make the day unforgettable.

It's been 10 years since his death. But his inheritance is surely passed down to the young musicians of today. He has been a great influence and I hope he could still lead the music scene nowadays so that we could perform overseas more and more. And we wanted to meet him atleast once. We're sure there will be new bands with hide's spirit. Please watch for those bands.

[the Underneath]
The five of us are greatly influenced and encouraged by hide and have been performing these last 10 years, this was not an easy thing. And now, we have restarted with a new feeling in 2008. We will try from now on, and hide's spirit is always with us. Please watch us from heaven.

It's a great pleasure to join in this event!! I'm afraid that most people don't know about me, heidi., but I will enjoy this event as a member of HEADWAX with hide. Thank you.