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Golden Bomber Announce Anime Tie-up!

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Golden Bomber Announce Anime Tie-up!

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Golden Bomber's new song "Boku Quest", will be the ending song of Tokyo TV anime "Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL" starting in April. Prior to the anime, the series had been released in the February 2011 issue of "VJUMP" as a manga.

Concerning this tie-up, it could be read in the Golden Bomber blogs...

Kyan Yutaka: "Awesome! Yu-Gi-Oh! It's not the primetime just yet. It's awesome! Congratulations. m(_ _)m"

They all commented in the respective blogs and on twitter. However among those comments it has also become a topic, how there is a fake account of "Darvish Kenji", someone who is pretending to be him.
"Thank you to the person, that launched the twitter account of famous 'Darvish Kenji', being the most hated in Visual-kei with its many negative aspects.
I...as the real person, am pretty bad with technical things and don't really know how to use twitter, nor do I know what kind of contents have been written...if you really want to get it right be "a pervert everyday". And in case you get in trouble "strip". If you take this to heart, I think you will make those 17 fans (they do have increased a little lately), which are an endangered species, laugh. Also...as long as you don't make anyone sad, I am not saying anything."

...isn't that just too generous? (laugsh) However, you shouldn't be imitating the artists, still and everyone, be careful!

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