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RADWIMPS Release New Album Details

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RADWIMPS Release New Album Details

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RADWIMPS will release their 6th album on March 9th. It has been two years since their last release.
The details including the title, the first press edition and artwork of the release has been announced just recently.

The title is "Zettai Zetsumei".
"Looking through the whole 14 songs, it's well-finished. The strong feeling is good."
The record includes a total of 14 tracks, including the three consecutively released singles "DADA", "Sakishinshou", "Keitai Denwa"

The first press edition will come with 14 pages for lyrics and two page title and credit amongst special printed artwork.

Track list as stated below.

[Release Information] NEW ALBUM "Zettai Zetsumei"
Release Date: 2011.03.09
First press edition TOCT-27060 3,059Yen (incl.tax)
Standard edition TOCT-27061 2,800Yen (incl.tax)

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