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Amuro Collaborating with Yamashita on New Album

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Amuro Collaborating with Yamashita on New Album

release / Yamashita Tomohisa / Amuro Namie

It has been announced that Amuro Namie will sing the duet "UNUSUAL" with Yamashita Tomohisa, a member of boy-group NEWS, for her upcoming collaboration album "Checkmate!". This is to be released on March 23rd and it is the first time for both, Amuro and Yamashita, to collaborate with each other.

"I was thinking to make a music video with a male artist who can both sing and dance, and it occurred to me that Yamashita would be a nice choice," Amuro said. When she eventually saw a solo performance of Yamashita on a TV music program, she was even more determined.

About the song "UNUSUAL", Amuro commented that it is the "Most UNUSUAL dance number ever". It will be included on Amuro's best-of album "Checkmate!", with other songs sung by Amuro and a variety of guest stars. Besides "UNUSUAL", another three new tracks, including "#1" featuring CHEMISTRY's Kawabata Kaname, "Wonder Woman" featuring AI and Tsuchiya Anna, "make it happen" featuring K-pop unit After School, are on the new album.

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