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YOSHIKI "Back to the Roots" for ASIA GIRLS EXPLOSION Fashion Event

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YOSHIKI "Back to the Roots" for ASIA GIRLS EXPLOSION Fashion Event

Fashion / X JAPAN

Yesterday, on February 8th, YOSHIKI had been holding a press conference in Tokyo to present his newest collaboration project in the fashion industry. Together with TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION producer Jay FR, YOSHIKI will be working on the next biggest fashion event "ASIA GIRLS EXPLOSION", which will be held on March 6th at Yoyogi National Stadium First Arena.

The fashion show, which will focus on music as well, will feature a large cast of international models and present the so called "real clothes" fashion brands from outside Japan.

When being asked, what his view on clothing was, YOSHIKI answered: "Fashion has always been the most important aspect of my career. My parents had a kimono store and with the "YOSHIKIMONO" it is like going back to the roots now. However, there is no meaning in music without fashion and there is no meaning in fashion without music."

"The concept is always the challenging when it comes to new projects", YOSHIKI answered the question about the most demanding aspects. "Fashion shows and concerts are similar, yet they are also very different."

Jay FR also added with a laugh: "I always wonder if he will be getting up in time in the morning for the meetings."

"I am weak in the morning", YOSHIKI commented laughing towards the comment of his fellow producer, who he had apparently met only by chance and similarly gotten to work with.

The ASIA GIRLS EXPLOSION will follow the TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION event on March 5th and is also meant as a prelude to the "ASIA GIRLS FESTIVAL" following up next.
Date: 2011/03/06
Open: 17:00 / Start: 18:00
Place: Yoyogi National Stadium, Harajuku, Tokyo
Admittance: 10,000 Yen (tax in)
International Tickets: http://gw.st/age

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