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Kuroyume Secret Live Canceled after Roughly a Minute!

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Kuroyume Secret Live Canceled after Roughly a Minute!

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On February 26th, Kuroyume will be performing at their Yoyogi National Stadium 1st Gymnasium for their revival performance "FUCK THE FAKE STAR" and on January 29th, their have been planning to perform a secret live at the Shinjuku Station Square.

When naming January 29th as a date in connection with Kuroyume, it has been the date, when they first announced their indefinite hiatus, held their one-night-only revival and eventually announced their break-up. It was no surprise that they were able to gather as much as 5,000 fans for their secret live on that date either.

Right in front of Shinjuku station, the SE for the live had been playing and Kiyoharu and Hitoki had just ascended the state, ready to perform "Shonen" when from the side of the police, the live was canceled after only roughly a minute. Even though the group had been planning to perform their newest single "Misery", which will be released on February 9th, fans will now have to wait until that moment.

Moreover, on the same date as the single "Misery", the Kuroyume tribute album "FUCK THE BORDER LINE" will also be released, which will feature artists like abingdon boys school and the GazettE and their interpretations of Kuroyume songs to look forward to.

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