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Guest Guitarist for X JAPAN Reunion Concert!!

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Guest Guitarist for X JAPAN Reunion Concert!!


As you know, 3 guitarists played at the X JAPAN reunion concert as a guest. Their official data was announced for the concert. They will soon appear in the special features. Here's the profile of them.
Guitarist of LUNA SEA, who recently performed the one night only reunion in December, 2007.
He appears in his solo live tour ‘ABSTRACT DAY', in which Tsuchiya Masami and Mick Karn along with many other artists such as Sakamoto Miu. He also joined a project produced by Sakamoto Ryuichi named ‘Jirai ZERO campaign'. He played the guitar and violin for the dance performance of ‘Suityoku no Yume',.
He played the main role and composed the theme song for the film ‘Soundtrack'.
He is now a member of S.K.I.N. with YOSHIKI, Gackt and miyavi.
[Richard Fortis]
He joined GUNS' N' ROSES replacing Paul Tobias 6 years ago. Axl Rose praised him “He likes to play rhythm guitar. He is an amazing lead player and at the same time he has amazing skill.”
During their last performance in Japan, he played X JAPAN's ‘ENDLESS RAIN' as his solo performance.
[Wes Borland]
He is a former member of LIMP BIZKIT, a US band that was popular with his unique guitar riffs and makeup. He repeatedly dropped out and rejoined for several times. He still has a huge influence on the American music scene.
Now he is playing for Black Light Burns.

musicJAPANplus will report the legendary 3 nights one by one!
The Live report will include photos from the concert!!
Don't miss out!!