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Official data of X JAPAN!!

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Official data of X JAPAN!!


X JAPAN's records are all legendary in J-ROCK history. The reunion concert held on March 28th thru the 30th has created a new record, and broken their old record.
According to an Official announcement,
CD total sales: 21,000,000 records
Video total sales: 2,200,000 copies
Concerts at Tokyo Dome: 800,000 people's attendance
In 1991,they performed at Tokyo Dome for the first time
1992, they performed at Tokyo Dome for 3 days for the first time as Japanese artist.
They performed 7 years in a row at Tokyo Dome
X/X JAPAN concert: 2,650,000 people's attendance
Including concerts from the first concert as X in 1985 June 29th for their final performance in 1997 and a film gig without artist, 2,650,000 people came to their concert.

musicJAPANplus will report the legendary 3 nights one by one!
The Live report will include photos from the concert!!
Don't miss out!!