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X JAPAN's Reunion Concert has Finished!!

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X JAPAN's Reunion Concert has Finished!!


X JAPAN's reunion concert has finished with big success!! According to the official announcement, unbelievable numerical data has been reveiled.
Number of visitors: 150,000 people
Visitors from overseas: 15,000 people
Media from overseas: 500 people
Number of staff: 5,000 people
Security staff: 6,000 people
Police and firefighter: 20 people on a steady basis
Fabrication cost: 2,500,000,000 yen
Expense to restage HIDE: 150,000,000 yen
Amount of equipment: 100 truck-loads of 11t truck and 20 truck-loads of 20t truck
Size of stage: width; 100m, depth; 25m, height; 2.40m
Size of vision screen: main screen; 800 inches, sub screen; 500 inch×2, upper; 400 inch, side; 300 inch×2
Light: 10,000 lights
Runway: center; 50m, side; 70m for each
Longitudinal length of drum set: 20m
Queue length of fans for merchandise: 3km

These numbers explain how huge this concert really was!
musicJAPANplus will report the legendary 3 nights one by one!
The Live report will include photos from the concert!!
Don't miss out!!