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ViViD Announce Regular Internet Program!

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ViViD Announce Regular Internet Program!

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On January 19th, ViViD had been airing their world wide press conference via USTREAM, which included two important information on bigger projects of the band.

1: ViViD will be releasing a live DVD of their last performance as an indies band, which they had held on December 27th, 2010 at C.C.Lemon Hall. Moreover, they are looking for a title for that one DVD and ideas can be sent via Twitter. Make sure to use [#ViViD119] when sending your ideas.

2: ViViD will be making their "world debut" with their own internet based regular program, of which the title has not yet been decided, though. Concerning this program as well, the ViViD members are open for suggestion!

As the program will apparently have the topic of "dreaming", we would also like to introduce the dreams the individual dreams of the band members presented at the conference once again.

Shin: I would like to take part in "KAMEN RIDER", because as a musician, I have the dream to move as many people as possible with our songs.

Reno: I want to convey the interesting side of playing the guitar.

Ryoga: I want to be a model and appear in a fashion show. I think I'd really like to master that.

Ko-ki: I want to be an actor. Wouldn't it be fun if ViViD appeared in their own TV series?

Iv: I think I would like ViViD to have its own TV program.

First of all, we hope that the members can all make their dreams come true and that you are looking forward to their new upcoming program!

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