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Kuroyume Postponing Single Release

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Kuroyume Postponing Single Release

live / release / Plastic Tree / SID / GazettE, the / Kiyoharu

In 2010 Kiyoharu announced that he would not only revive his former band sads, but also legendary band Kuroyume, which had been inspiration to a number of young and popular bands these days.

The first challenge of the reunion is going to be the single release "Misery", which was originally scheduled to drop in stores on January 29th.
However, it has been announced that the song will only be released on February 9th this year. Fans are probably very eager to get the CD, yet with various appearances in magazines and on radio shows, Kuroyume are certain to make the waiting period as bearable as possible.
On the same day, by the way, the Kuroyume tribute album, featuring bands like SID, the GazettE and Plastic Tree will also be released, as reported earlier. This is certainly saving one trip to the record store. (laughs)

Moreover, on February 26th, Kuroyume will also be holding their performance at Yoyogi National Stadium First Arena titled "xxxx FAKE STAR".

People intending to go are certainly advised to put the new single on heavy rotation, a long with the tribute album, for a completely new experience!

Live:"xxxx THE FAKE STAR"
Date: 2010/02/26
Place: Yoyogi National Stadium First Arena
OPEN: 17:30 / START: 18:30
Ticket Price: 9,300Yen (tax in.)
*All designated seats

Single: "Misery" (CD+DVD)
Release Date: 2010/02/09
Product Code: AVCD-48006/B
Price: 1,575Yen (tax in.)

Kuroyume Tribute album [FUCK THE BORDER LINE]

Release Date: 2010/02/09
Product Code: AVCD-38206
Price: 2,800Yen (tax in.)

Track List:
01. [Shonen] abingdon boys school
02. [Yasashi Higeki] SID
03. [MARIA] Plastic Tree
04. [C.Y.HEAD] the GazettE
05. [CHANDLER] coldrain
06. [Walkin' on the edge] Jitterbug
08. [Pistole] NICOTINE
09. [KAMAKIRI] THE Kanmuri feat. K-A-Z
10. [BEAMS] YamaArashi feat. MOOMIN
11. [Like A Angel] CASCADE

Gorgeous Line-up for Kuroyume's Tribute Album to be Released Next February!
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the GazettE FC Tour Tickets Available at the GLOBAL PS COMPANY FAN CLUB
What are you expecting of either of the releases?