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SUGIZO will Play the Substitute Guitarist for Hide!!

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SUGIZO will Play the Substitute Guitarist for Hide!!


In X JAPAN's 3 day revival concert, SUGIZO from LUNA SEA will play guitar in substitution of the deceased hide. Other than SUGIZO, Richard Fortus, the guitarist of Gun 'n' Roses and Wes Borland, ex-LIMP BIZKIT, were announced to perform as guests.
SUGIZO is a great guitarist who has played in LUNA SEA. YOSHIKI and SUGIZO know each other from the old days because LUNA SEA debuted off YOSHIKI's ecstasy records. They also play together in a band called SKIN. YOSHIKI seems to have big trust in SUGIZO.
"X JAPAN rarely rehearses performances before their concerts. So I think it's better to select someone who really knows us." YOSHIKI explained about his personal selection for this revival concert.
Fortus joined Gun 'n' Roses 6 years ago, and is also known as a fan of X JAPAN for playing X JAPAN's ENDLESS RAIN at the last Gun 'n' Roses concert in Japan.
Another guest Wes was the guitarist of LIMP BIZKIT, who was the rage of the 90's US rock scene. He supported YOSHIKI's work with 'VIOLET UK'
It is said that there are more artists who will appear as guests. You can't miss what will happen in the show!
musicJAPANplus will report on the 3 whole days in their special features!! Don't miss it!!