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D'espairsRay Announce Releases Despite Hiatus for 2011

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D'espairsRay Announce Releases Despite Hiatus for 2011


At the end of September D'espairsRay had announced that they would be going on hiatus, due to the unfavorable conditions of vocalist HIZUMI's voice. The singer had been suffering from it over a long time already, yet had never had the chance to actually undergo sufficient treatment to fully recover.

On December 30th they have just held their final performance before going on hiatus and while being in a good mood throughout the show, they also announced a number of releases for 2011 already.

While details are yet to be announced in the near future, HIZUMI revealed that the performance of that day at YOKOHAMA BLITZ - HUMAN CLAD MONSTER FINAL would be made into a live DVD and the band would also release a best-of album soon.

For fans living in Japan, a photo book will also be released, which is exclusively limited to subscribers of the "SWORD ch" mobile site. So if you have the chance and can't stand being without D'espairsRay for too long, make sure to get your hands on those items.

Thanking his fans for all the support, HIZUMI eventually said: "I want to come back to this view (on the audience) as soon as possible", clearly conveying his sentiment.

Please keep supporting D'espairsRay and eagerly anticipate their comback with a fully cured HIZUMI!

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