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ZORO Going on Hiatus after December 29th

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ZORO Going on Hiatus after December 29th

event / ZORO / MUCC / girugamesh

On December 27th the MAVERICK DC GROUP presented the large-scale rock event "JACK IN THE BOX 2010" at Nippon Budokan. Bands like MUCC, ZORO, girugamesh and others have been gracing the stage with their presence and while the session bands are the most charming point about the event, the performance of this one song really made the fans boil with excitement.

However, amongst all this, ZORO, who had also been taking part in the event, announced their hiatus. Their last performance before the pause will be tomorrow, December 29th at C.C.Lemon Hall.

Details as to what eventually led to the decision have not been revealed.

Also, a full live report on "JACK IN THE BOX 2010" will also be release soon on MJP, so please look forward to that.

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Share your thoughts! Hiatus or Break up? What do you think was the reason?