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The Most Outstanding Single Releases on December 15th!

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The Most Outstanding Single Releases on December 15th!

ranking / VAMPS / AKB48 / GazettE, the

On December 15th, a number of artists have been releasing their new records and the ORICON charts dated for the 14th of December showed eight new records within the Top 10 alone. As the battle for the top unfolds, the winners have come to be Hey!Say! JUMP with their single "Arigato ~ Sekai no Doko ni ite mo ~".

Further, position two belonged to the GazettE, with their winter ballad "PLEDGE", to which the CM stars popular talent "Satoda Mai". The Top3 are completed by VAMPS single "MEMORIES".

SKE48, AKB48 and Miura Daichi are also among the popular artists within the ranking and your MJP staff has another recommendation for you!

It would be the single "For myself" by Kamiya Hiroshi, who is a popular voice actor in Japan and has dubbed characters such as "Orihara Izaya" from anime "DURARARA!!" and "Itoshiki Nozomu" from "Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei".

The single he released just the other day is the first record in a year and four month since his debut as a musician in 2009, when he released his first mini album "Harenohi". The single is full of his own charm and this one record is certainly a must for fans and a recommendation for everyone else.

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What's the single you have anticipated moste on this day.