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BREAKERZ Successfully Finish Their Japanese Hall-Tour

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BREAKERZ Successfully Finish Their Japanese Hall-Tour


On November 3rd, BREAKERZ had started their "BREAKERZ LIVE TOUR 2010 BUNNY LOVE - Yasei ni Kaere- " at the Sayama City Center. The tour led them through 10 places and just yesterday they finished it all off in Fukuoka. It had been a while for BREAKERZ to go on a hall tour, yet they created a lot of excitement and it has certainly become a symbol among the BREAKERZ tours in 2010.

Your MJP staff had also been at the NAKANO SUNPLAZA and a live report will be released soon! (Btw. the Press Note for the live has been released already, so we hope you check it out, too!)

In either case, BREAKERZ will next be holding their Christmas Live at the JCB Hall in Tokyo on December 20th and next year their will be taking part in the Acid Black Cherry event "The Sixth Sense". And speaking of which, at the previously held event "SWAPPING ROCK PARTY" at Zepp Tokyo, BREAKERZ had performed a cover of ABC's "SPELL MAGIC".

We hope you are looking forward to what kind of performance the upcoming one is going to be.

Also, next year in February, you will be bale to take home the DVD featuring this year's performances at Nippon Budokan. The concert has meant a lot to the staff and the fans, so make sure not to miss it eventually.

LIVE DVD [BREAKERZ LIVE 2010 "WISH 02" in Nippon Budokan]
Release Date: 2011/02/09
Product Code: ZABL-5007~8
Price: 6,500Yen (tax in)

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