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HYDE Making Voice Acting Debut with Popular Anime

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HYDE Making Voice Acting Debut with Popular Anime

anime / VAMPS

The manga "BAKUMAN" is currently published in the Weekly Shonen JUMP and the anime adaptation is currently aired on the NHK education channel with growing popularity. In this anime, HYDE will now be making his debut as a voice actor.

The character HYDE will be playing as his first challenge is the music producer "HYDE", which has HYDE somehow star as himself! About the synchronizing process HYDE explained his various troubles: "As compared to the words usually spoken, I stuttered quite a bit." What will the result eventually be like?

Within the same program, the character KOOGY, playing next to HYDE as the producer will also be singing the song "GET UP", which is a song released on the VAMPS album "BEAST", which dropped in stores on July 28th this year. The lyrics had originally been in English, however, HYDE created new ones just for the series, which is certainly a point to pay attention, to.

Moreover, the song "GET UP-JAPANESE Ver.-", will be released on the upcoming single "MEMORIES" by VAMPS, as a collaboration between VAMPS and KOOGY.

Release Date: 2010/12/15
Cover A: Artist Photo ver.
XNVP-00025/B 1,500 Yen
Cover B: Artist Illustration ver.
XNVP-00026 1,000 Yen

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