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"Extremely Hot Version" of girugamesh's New Album!

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"Extremely Hot Version" of girugamesh's New Album!

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On January 26th, girugamesh will be releasing their new album "GO" and the contents of the disc have just been announced, which will again be pretty "extreme". Next to a regular edition, there will be an "extremely hot version". And this extremely hot version is really something outstanding!

Especially the extra DVD is something very noteworthy about it. It will contain 120 minutes (=2 hours) of footage! They certainly could have sold that DVD on its own, don't you think? (laughs)
The DVD will be showing "FALL TOUR 2010 documentary footage", "2010 Behind girugamesh recap footage" as well as "G-TRAVEL 2010 in SUMMER footage". Moreover, the music videos for their singles "COLOR" and "Inochi no Ki" will be included.

The price will be according to the album title "5,555" Yen - read "GO GO GO GO Yen", which is easy to remember, so make sure to spend your holiday bonus at a record online shop you trust!

girugamesh World Tour Tickets Now on Sale!
girugamesh FALL TOUR 2010 - 2010.10.23. (Sat) Yokohama Bay Hall
girugamesh SUMMER TOUR 2010 - 2010/08/12 (thu) Shibuya O-WEST
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