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ToshI and YOSHIKI Are Starting a New Project!

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ToshI and YOSHIKI Are Starting a New Project!

event / X JAPAN

The other day, X JAPAN's ToshI had been opening a meeting in Tokyo and said: "An unprecedented project is being realized."
With these words he announced the new project "ToshI Feat. YOSHIKI", which will be starting next year in January. The event will be a special concert along with a dinner event.

At the dinner show, the new song for the project "Crystal Piano no Kimi", which is planned for release in January 2011 as well, shall be presented amongst others. Together with other X JAPAN ballads YOSHIKI will be playing along with an orchestra for the presentation

Incidentally, the tickets for the event are more in the high price sector, costing 100,000 yen at their highest. These tickets are for those people, who would like to enjoy the special atmosphere of the event from the front rows, so better hold a note to that!

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