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Alice Nine Accidentally Reveal New Album Release!

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Alice Nine Accidentally Reveal New Album Release!

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On NicoNico Douga, Alice Nine are airing their regular program " Alice9 channel" once a month. Every time they are doing a number of exciting projects, yet during the last airing a rather unusual incident erupted.

Unintentionally Saga revealed the album release which is scheduled for February next year. Now was this brave? Manly? Saga-like? (laughs)

The next morning it could be read on Shou' s twitter, who had not taken part in the program that time, nor had been online to watch the program "I slept like a stone and when I woke up...the NEW album had been announced. (*^o^*)"
It seems that even the band members had been surprised, (laughs)

Well, and here are the information on the album so far.
The main track will be a great work of 13 minutes in length, so please look forward to this release!

Title: "GEMINI"
Release Date: 2011/02/09
[First Press Limited Edition CD+DVD] TKCA-73622 3,780Yen
[Regular Edition CD ONLY] TKCA-73626 3,150Yen

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