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Space Battleship Yamato Landing in Tokyo's Akasaka District?

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Space Battleship Yamato Landing in Tokyo's Akasaka District?

movie / event / SPACE BATTLESHIP Yamato

In Tokyo's Akasaka district, you can find the entertainment event space "TBS akasaka Sacas" and there the 15 meter large space ship "Yamato" has appeared. What has become the "Yamato Sacas" is an exhibition in relation to the movie "SPACE BATTLESHIP Yamato", which will be helpd from November 20th to December 4th.

The movie as such is an adaptation of nationwide popular anime series "SPACE BATTLESHIP Yamato", which is loved by many. With Kimura Takuya and Kuroki Meisa as part of the glamorous line-up, it has become quite an outstanding movie in its making.

The space battle ship, which had been computer animated in the movie has become a real 15 meters large object for the exhibition and features the exact same design as the one in the movie. In the movie, the ship will also be using the "Hadouhou Laser Shot" from its infamous laser cannon.

Moreover, at the event, the costumes, which are worn in the movie, along with the instruments and furniture, plus other miniature items and a monitor to look at important things with are set up for the exhibition.
This is certainly an event where you will be able to experience the atmosphere of the movie, even before its release. The movie itself will be going on its road show from December 1st.

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