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GLOBAL PS COMPANY FAN CLUB Features Page Released!

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GLOBAL PS COMPANY FAN CLUB Features Page Released!

PS COMPANY / FC INFO / GazettE, the / Kagrra, / A9 / Kra / SuG / SCREW / ViViD / BORN / D=OUT

Joining the GLOBAL PS COMPANY FAN CLUB, you will be able to receive a number of privileges. Here are a few of the advantages when joining the club!

1. Join this fan club to get services for all PS COMPANY bands.

With your membership, you will be able to receive members' only services. Not anywhere else. The membership fee will stay the same even if more bands join PS COMPANY!
Just with this membership you can access services to all of your favorite bands!

2. Become a member and receive the membership card that is the proof of you being aw supporter of all PS COMPANY bands!

With this membership card, you are then part of the PS family!
This card will also be validating your membership when receiving various limited services.

3. Be the FIRST to get exclusive and exciting information!

Not only will you have access to membership exclusive information and services, you will also have the chance to receive and participate in services faster than anywhere else!
The service will be equally provided for all bands.

4. Receive these services and information in your language!

We will help you in case...
You don't know how to buy tickets...
You can't understand what the band members are saying...
You can't read the interviews...
You want to know certain information, but don't understand...

Starting with English, more languages will be added in the near future.

5. We will be the messenger to your favorite band members!

That's right. We will deliver your messages to the members directly.

6. We will add new services by listening to you, so send us your requests.

This service has just begun. Our concept is to provide you with the services you will enjoy. We will be adding new services continuously. Your requests will be carefully examined, therefore send those ideas in!