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PUFFY Appearing in CM for "Toy Story 3"!

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PUFFY Appearing in CM for "Toy Story 3"!

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Popular female duo PUFFY will be appearing in the commercial for the Disney / PIXAR movie "Toy Story 3", which will be released on Blu-ray Disc.
"This winter you can watch 'Toy Story 3' at home with everyone!!"
This is the concept of the CM and the two girls from PUFFY are appearing with a young girl and a Santa Clause, an elderly Osaka woman, a salary man with suits and glasses and a college girl. Watching "Toy Story 3" with others is the best way to laugh together and be moved to tears...which is the thought behind the happy Christmas story told with these images.

The theme song for the CM is of course the new single of PUFFY titled "R.G.W.", which has been composed by Okuda Tamiyo, who is also to be held responsible for the lyrics in collaboration with PUFFY for their very first Christmas song. The track will be released on November 17th.

After the filming, PUFFY's Onuki Ami said: "The filming itself was a lot of fun. If there was a party like in the CM it would be really nice. I hope everyone will be able to have fun, when recreating (their own Christmas party)" And Yoshimura Yumi added, appealing to their new song: "I hope everyone will enjoy 'Toy Story 3' in a number of ways. Of course while also listening to our new song 'R.G.W.'"

The CM will be aired in Japan from October 28th.

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